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Curtain 2018 / Publication

The book is a collection of curtains in different districts in Rotterdam. She started with a question ‘why people in the Netherlands don’t close their curtains?’ because in Korea, many people close curtains and keep them all the time for security reasons. While she collected them, some curtains were open a bit with dark gaps, and these aroused someone’s interest. To give the feeling of peeping to the viewer through the frame, a passe-partout way was used. This book can attract someone’s eyes and will intrigue people’s interest.

Dubliners 2019 / Publication

It is a book cover series made by selecting typefaces that can be expressed the situations and emotions of the characters in the book ‘Dubliners’.
Dubliners: Eveline, A Painful Case and A Little Cloud by James Joyce

The Hidden Dimension 2020 / Publication

The book is about an examination of various cultural concepts of space and how differences among them affect modern society. The redesigned book was viewed as a space by dividing the main contents of section into large spaces and the sub contents of section into small spaces. It shows the distance between the public space and the personal space through the different sizes of text and the space between them.
Dimension02 Dimension03 Dimension04 Dimension05 Dimension06 Dimension07 Dimension08 Dimension09 Dimension10 Dimension11

Pick your filter 2019 / Publication

It's about how society defines femininity with censorship, and how we are prejudiced against taboo issues like body hair. Here my body is revealed as a symbol of the consequences of social pressure. Hair has been removed from the body or covered in pink to indicate social filtering.

Mixing Bowl 2021 / Printing

What should we prioritize? In general news media, there is a hierarchical order in which certain topics are prioritized. Then in what direction do we need to independently figure out what we really care about? Mixing methods and ‘cut-up techniques’ were utilized to visually solve this question, opting for a blended approach that sidesteps priorities and drives the narrative. Cooking is also considered the most essential condition of life, like interest in world problems. To give voice to these two essentials that are often neglected, they have been blended into one recipe. New possibilities can be seen in the joy of the movement of autonomous materials such as the juxtaposition of different typefaces, themes, and color palettes.

Fit it all 2022 / Interactive installation

Korean society values the relational-self within a group over an independent-self. The individual’s voice has vanished, and if one does not fit into the frame, one gets branded as a ‘misfit’.
Following a girl’s growth process, FIT IT ALL!! is a rhythmic game in which the player experiences how the individual has become uniform. In the game, people ‘naturally’ surrender to the unified atmosphere of collectivity and are captivated by the internalised uniformity. Let's feel the rhythm by entering the uniformed world through internalised pleasure and conformity.

Orange is the New Black 2021 / Installation & Video

Associative keyword algorithms — such as Google’s suggested search or related image results — provide convenience and efficiency, but ultimately serve to encapsulate the user in recursive isolation. The more such algorithms inform their results through pattern recognition and profiling, the harder it becomes for the user to find novelty, diversity or an escape from enforced predictability.
In Orange is the New Black, Hyeonjeong Joo collects the metadata that shapes her personalized search results as a means of interrogating which biases are introduced by Google’s algorithms. Scanning through her cloud-based image archive, Orange is the New Black retraces the steps of algorithmic machine vision to speculate on which visual clues may have informed the biases in her search results.
Orange Orange Orange

First video outcome

Orange Orange

Expansion 2020 / Video

What if there is no limit to the form and color that gives this material visual information? I tried to express the expansion of the object that will appear when these limitations disappear through soap. Here, the soap takes the form of a peppered moth, that had to change the color. They changed their original color to survive outside enemies in an industrialized area. And now they show their own color expanding in a deep, dark and damp cave which is free from civilization. Although it is blocked in all directions, the echo effect of the cave expands and amplifies the infinity of color through vision, hearing, smell, and touch.
Online Exhibition is going on here
Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion

Traces of the moment: about the record 2020 / Video

The act of recording a phenomenon adds value to it. That’s because without records, phenomena are easily forgotten into the past and even the facts are unknown. In this extreme situation, the turbulent reality of the outside is made into texts, and the process of plant growth is made into images, and the reality is recorded in film by its contrast. The same, but different realities, like these two worlds, share a time and reality parallelly. In the passing time, records represent the present.
Value Value Value Value

A Doll's House 2019 / Installation

It’s about Nora who is the main character of ‘A doll’s house’ written by Henrik Ibsen. I reproduced Nora, who was subordinate to someone, gradually speaking out, in the form of a monologue on stage. The circular stage, divided into three stages, shows three parts of the book in turn. The repeated word ‘I’ shows an independent existence as a human being. It shows the history of change through the fact that one small movement can change the whole thing. Light, object, and movement combine to create a stage for her.
Dollshouse Dollshouse Dollshouse Dollshouse Dollshouse Dollshouse Dollshouse

List? List! List. 2021 / Website

Instead of the given order which is highlighted by news website, I sorted the news by alphabetical order list, not giving priority. Because of this order, we need to dig in some topic which we’re really interested in independently. The lists are made for looking at a glance what’s going on now. And the direction of the news is one direction, and it has an endless looping appearance.
List List List List

What would you like us to blur? 2020 / Website

Google provides Street View in Europe except Germany and Austria. Germans ask Google to blur houses from Street View to protect their personal information. The reason they are sensitive to privacy issue is the historic trauma of totalitarianism after world war2. After this they created laws for privacy, and these have affected European privacy law. Poster shows Germany’s privacy history and its policy throughout timeline, and it provides understanding of Germany’s way of thinking about data protection and privacy. And using the website, we tried more interactive approach to audience.
Collaboration work with Lisa and Anna
Unmapping Unmapping Unmapping Unmapping Unmapping Unmapping

Celebrating patterns 2021 / Publication

Christie van der Haak is a sequel to the award-winning publication Spoken | Fairy Tales designed by Studio Renate Boere. This edition contains a collection of patterns designed by Dutch designer and visual artist Christie van der Haak. Van der Haak started her career as a painter and later went on to design fabrics that can be seen as autonomous works but can also be used as upholstery, wall coverings and tablecloths. This publication is an overview of her recent commissions, installations and exhibitions such as Stedelijk Museum Kampen (NL), Helmond Castle (NL), The Wolfsonian Museum (US), and many more.
Project during the internship at Studio Renate Boere Website
Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating

Inside/outside 2021 / Installation & Publication

Inside/outside shows the concept of terrestrial that ‘knowledge’ from the outside influences her values and thoughts plays an important role in understanding other beings. Transparent glass was used as a medium to show that new knowledge was transparently and neutrally embraced and formed inside her.

Perfect dinner 2019 / Installation & Ceramic

Every moment is monumental because time only exists for each moment. I wrote our names and places which we had the dinner on our plates and spoons to remember the perfect one-time moment.
Collaboration works with Marcos and Ieva.
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

Alice in the Netherlands 2019 / Printing

A newspaper which contains the perspective of a person who is living in a strange place as a stranger. We use a translator to interpret languages that we don’t understand. But if we use a translator, we can’t make perfect sentences. Putting these broken languages in the newspaper with missing meanings made from Google Translator, she conveys different understandings according to cultural background.
Meme Meme Meme

Keep going on 2020 / Printing

In this pandemic situation, it is difficult to meet new changes. This can make a person feel helpless or lonely. These feelings are not only for me, but they are common feelings that all sympathize with. In order to form a consensus of these common emotions, I send my repeated daily life as a pattern, and also a message that we all share a bond. The 5 variations of medium which are folded card, post card, envelope, wallpaper and mobile wallpaper are delivered in physical or digitized way and they can be reused and shared again to others.
Mailart Mailart Mailart Mailart Mailart Mailart

Pieces 2020 / Printing

This is the exploration using different types of paper media like mail, poster, banner, and book spread. She conveys the meaning of color-related quotations using appropriate images and media.
Pieces Pieces Pieces

The Stranger 2019 / Printing

The sun and shade, balance and break, conviction of death, nothing is important. There is no special boundary between life and death in the world.

Other minds 2020 / Publication

Re-designing of ‘Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness’ written by Peter Godfrey-Smith in 2016. The author says octopuses have developed the mind in a direction suitable for them, but from the point of view of evolution it is not much different from human. Main text of the book is a set inside of the layout as consciousness of octopus. And I chose the book ‘The Origin of Conscience’ by Julian Jaynes for additional text to learn about the consciousness of human and octopuses which are evolved similarly. Using tight margin on a limited and very small-sized book which is 6.5x10 cm, I experimented to cut the side book from the main text.
Otherminds Otherminds Otherminds Otherminds Otherminds

D:cent coffee BI Design 2021 / Branding

Brand identity design for cafe brand ‘D:cent coffee’. A design with a pleasant face on a cup expresses a cafe that pursues healthy desserts and coffee.

HAGEBOS BI Design 2023 / Branding

Brand identity design for virtual furniture brand ‘HAGEBOS’. The project abstractly embodies the first letter of the brand name.

Madang BI Design 2023 / Branding

Brand identity design for virtual cafe brand ‘madang’. Madang is a place where something happens and people gather. ‘@’ was used to emphasize its symbolic meaning. It expresses the rhythm as if the letters dance.
Madang Madang

Live coding 2020 / Coding

Live coding performance visualizes the ever-increasing population and the resulting gentrification despite the high prices in Amsterdam.

Hyeonjeong Joo
From South Korea, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hyeonjeong Joo is a graphic designer who starts with the most personal and minor questions and interprets human behavior patterns in a visual language using mixed media.

Feel free to contact me for more information or questions!
mobile: +31 6 25 58 29 64 / email / Youtube / Instagram


BA Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands


BA, English Language & Literature / Bachelor of Business Administration at Sungkyul University, Anyang-si, South Korea


Animation Major at Seoul Art High School, Seoul, South Korea


Internship at Studio Renate Boere, The Hague, the Netherlands


Web & Publication Designer at CH121, Seongnam, South Korea


Publication Designer at Dream Depot, Seongnam, South Korea


Web & Media Designer at Korea Football Network, Seoul, South Korea


Part-time Marketing Designer at Mega Auto, Seoul, South Korea

Exhibition & Event

NEW SIGNATURES at Stroom, The Hague, the Netherlands


You Shall Be Spam at Maakhaven, The Hague, The Netherlands


We are all Cyborgs! at The Grey Space, The Hague, The Netherlands


Page Found, Online Publication Exhibition


Color Show, Online Exhibition


Design as a tool at Stroom, The Hague, The Netherlands


THE ROYAL CULT CLUB at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands


The container at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands